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Computer Diagnostics

If you have a check engine light on, or if your car is running as it should, computer diagnostic is an efficient and cost effective way to get at the heart to problem.  All modern cars are controlled by special computers that continually monitor the health of your vehicle.  This onboard computer system knows and monitros hte perating parameters of every component in the cars engine.  When it sees a signal that is outside normal limits, or fails to see an expected change in a signal, it store a diagnostic trouble code, and if the code is sever enough, alerts the drive by illuminating the check engine light.

Our highly trained professionals know how to read and interpret those diagnostic trouble codes to quickly execute cost effective repairs when necessary.  To access these codes our technicians connect a scanning tool to the cars diagnostic link connector .  This tool displays any codes that have stored by the computer.

Sometimes the codes are set even though there is nothing wrong with the system.  This happens when a mechanical problem, like an engine vacuum leak, creates operating conditions that cause system components to generate signals outside their normal range.  So to pinpoint a problem, our highly trained technicians starts with the code and then would perform additional test to narrow down the source.  These tests can range from mechanical checks, like engine compression, to in-depth electronic diagnosis or monitoring real-time signals with the scanner itself.

Fast and Friendly Service

Our friendly staff wil service our customers as quickly as possible, sometimes while they wait.  But even if you have to leave your car with us while we work on it, rest assured it will still be completed as quickly as possible.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, please feel free to contact us.  We will do all we can to make it right for you.

Car troubles are stressful enough.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident that your car in good hands.  We appreciate you choosing us for your car care needs.  Our mechanicals are trained at explaining even the most complex automotive repairs in the simplest of terms so that even customers who are not familiar with technical terms can understand what repairs need to be done.    

Quality Workmanship

Our goal is zero rework.  This means we will get the troubles diagnosed quickly and accurately and complete the repairs efficiently and as cost effective as possible.  And do it right the first time.  There is nothing more frustrating than have to come back time and again to get the repair done right.  

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